Why Us?

Why Us And Just What Is An Insurance “Program” Anyway? 
By definition an Insurance Program is a grouping of insurance customers with common operations.  Program administrators like us develop strong insurance products for the same types of businesses. 
How Is This A Benefit To You? 
You’re working with an Expert.  If you had a brain tumor, would you go to a General Practitioner or a Specialist?  The Specialist every time right!  When you go to a general lines insurance agent, one that offers insurance products for many, or all businesses, or even personal lines products, like homeowners, auto and boats, how well can they really know your business?  In any given day, they’ll quote a Home, a Dry Cleaner, a Ford Taurus, a Accountant’s Office.  These all requiring different insurance companies, lines of coverage and product knowledge. 
For each commercial risk, there are over 10 types of coverages available.  Then there are over 30 different insurance companies that write these lines in some form or fashion.  Oh and the company’s underwriting guidelines… They change about every 6 months and you have to keep up with them.  Not only do you need to know the coverages inside out and backwards, but you need to know the companies and underwriters personally to get things done.  This is what we focus on everyday and why we are a better solution for your insurance needs. 
You’re getting the best deal.  Who do you think gets a better deal from an insurance company?  A agent that writes 1 or two policies with them a year, or 100 policies?  Volume in most industries and certainly in insurance simply equals better service and product availability.  The more you use a company, the more valuable you and that relationships becomes. 
Direct access to the products you need.  If an agent has not earned the trust of an insurance company they will typically be required to work with a broker, who then works with the underwriters.  We’ve earned their trust and we work with the markets on your behalf, directly.  Less middlemen means better service, products and ultimately pricing!  The middle man has to get paid too right?  We even have in-house quoting capabilities so turnaround on quotes is very quick. 
We work on your behalf to better the whole industry.  We talk with our clients every day.  We know what you guys are up against out there.  We also talk to the insurance company underwriters, managers and  executives every day of every week.  We know their products and we know our clients.  We work with both parties to assess what is working and what isn’t.  Every chance we get to improve on the products we offer you, we take it.  This makes sense for everyone and serves to better the industry as a whole. 
We are genuinely interested in the success of your business.  Long term clients and relationships are our ultimate goal.  When you grow, we grow.